Is media reflection an effect of medial practices and cultural techniques? Does the medial initiate thinking by enabling to go back to its ›how‹, defined as techne and poiesis in writing, observing, designing and presenting? Can all that is created be regarded as medial? Are all artistic practices, all (cultural) techniques medial? Is all thinking linked to a techne and poiesis of writing, observing, designing and presenting? The work of the International Network for Media Philosophy begins with questions like these and examines possible approaches by (a) confronting contradictory, but simultaneously justified solutions, (b) attempting to justify single solutions, and (c) deciding on the most probable solution. Thus, Structures of the Medial will be made visible in a first step, in order to carve out Postulates of the Medial in a second step, by which contemporary media philosophy may be affected.

Along these lines, the 15 investigators from Germany, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, and the USA, in collaboration with international and national guests, think through and discuss during the course of two internal workshops and two public conferences (1) the reflexivity of the medial between recursive technical operations and blind spots of a ›participating‹ observation, (2) the performativity of the medial between carrying out concrete cultural practices and resistances of the non-mediatable, and (3) the responsivity of the medial between doing and creating, ›becoming‹ and ›leaving‹, being struck and responding. The prepared suggestions will be published in one anthology after the end of the funding period of the project.

Funding period: 01 December 2017 to 30 November 2019